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Before Relocating – Bathroom Check & Packing
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Before Relocating – Bathroom Check & Packing

When you start packing for residential relocation, you realize which areas of your house or office are the trickiest to handle. Those are mostly your kitchen and bathroom. However, you don’t have to be discouraged while packing up all those toiletries, cleaning supplies, etc. Even though it seems like many details and it can look tricky, you will be able to do it well.

Packing a bathroom seems tedious and never-ending, right? It doesn’t have to be, though. Here are some pieces of advice to help you pack easily.

Sort All the Items

Before you start packing anything, you will have to go through all your items. Just like our pantry, a bathroom is a place where you will forget about some skincare products, toiletries, etc. that might have been there for too long and you forgot about them. You don’t want to pack those up, for sure.

Purge the Bathroom Items

When you check all the expired products, not-secured containers, or even the things that are in date and okay, but you want to take the minimalist approach, that’s when you can start purging excess items before moving. All the suspicious-looking products belong in the trash can.

Protect From Spilling

When packing your shower gels, lotions, etc. from the bathroom, make sure to protect all the packaging so it doesn’t spill. When you pack them inside the boxes, don’t over-pack so they don’t get squished, but also don’t leave too much space so they move around too much.

Check Non-Allowable Items

Have you already checked with your Dallas movers about the items they allow to transport? If you want to transport some cleaning products, you will have to double-check that as they usually don’t allow relocating hazardous chemicals. If you can, you can transport those yourself.