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Packing Shoes for Relocation
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Packing Shoes for Relocation

The most common “problem” is that we realize how big of hoarders we are only when we need to move house. Until we have to relocate, we don’t realize how many clothes or shoes we have. Also, when we pack for a residential relocation, we always give special attention to all the clothes lying around our house, yet shoes get less attention, even though they are just as – or even more – tedious of a task to pack. Protecting, packing, and sorting shoes for relocation can be easy. Let’s check out some of these shoe-packing tips together.

Before Packing – Sort & Purge Shoes

Spring cleaning and downsizing don’t only apply to your clothing garments, but the shoes, too. When you lose the damaged pairs, the ones you don’t like anymore, and the ones you forgot about, you will get a much more reasonable bunch of shoes to relocate with.

Repair & Clean

When it comes to packing, a shoe is a more high-maintenance piece compared to clothes that you either toss or pack. Some shoes might need repair before being packed, and all of them surely need to be cleaned. That way you will have fresh and ready shoes to take to your new home.

Pre-Pack Off-Season Pairs

If you are relocating in summer, the last thing you will need is your winter boots. This rule applies to packing shoes – you can pre-pack the pairs you won’t need and get that off your list as quickly as possible. As the relocation day is coming, you can pack almost everything except for the comfortable shoes you need for the moving day.

Pack In Boxes

Shoes can get damaged and lose shape, and that’s why you should pack them in boxes instead of plastic bags. Also, wrap the shoes in packing paper while packing, and remember to always pack in pairs.

Now that you have your shoes ready and (probably) a relocation team on hand to help load that moving truck, we can only wish you a happy and successful move.

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