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How to Relocate a Treadmill with Ultimate Safety
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How to Relocate a Treadmill with Ultimate Safety

Walking and running on a treadmill is a great, healthy habit. However, relocating your treadmill might not be as fun. Since this is a heavy machine you’re dealing with, if it’s not handled properly, you can end up either breaking it or injuring yourself. However, there is always a way to do it properly.

How to pack and relocate a treadmill locally or intrastate safely and conveniently? Here are some crucial steps to move your favorite fitness pal.

Check the Instructions

Gym machines certainly come with instructions for assembling, disassembling, and relocating. However, if it’s been a while and you cannot find your instruction manual, check if there is one available online for your brand.

If you need to disassemble the machine, you will need tools, same as when you disassemble the furniture.

If Your Treadmill Has Wheels – Roll It

This is useful, especially if your treadmill is a heavy and massive one. Roll the machine as far as possible before disassembling it. Of course, you will need someone’s help in this case. However, if your treadmill has wheels, you probably won’t need another helping piece of equipment, like a dolly, to move it.

If you need to take the machine down the stairs, be very careful with it and do it with the help of stronger and more skilled individuals. If you don’t think you can make it – professional movers surely can.

Protect the Treadmill in the Truck

Whether you are DIY-ing it or the professionals are doing it, you will move the treadmill the easiest without any padding and protection. You can wrap the machine when it’s placed in the truck, and secure it with moving straps.