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Piano Moving Tips – Relocation of Fragile Items

If there is any item that will require help relocating, it would be this giant musical box. Pianos are gorgeous, but even the lightest ones are remarkably heavy. Moreover, they are delicate and not easy to maneuver, and if you own an antique piece, you know you want to take good care of it. Here is how to relocate them locally or intrastate successfully and smoothly.

Hire Help – Or Ask For It

No matter how strong you are, handling a piano requires skill and an additional pair of hands. The best solution would be to hire professional movers. Take some time to search for a certified moving team in Dallas that knows how to do it right. It will save you lots of stress caused by relocation.

The second best thing, if you don’t want to (or can’t) hire pros, is to ask friends to help you carry it around. You will certainly need two or three more people who are strong and capable of handling something so massive.

Protect the Piano

When relocating a piano, cushioning is essential. You will need to protect the piano well as it is fragile, even though it is big and heavy. Get yourself enough of moving blankets to cushion it, and the material to wrap the legs of the piano. And, don’t forget the packing tape.

Measure and Assess

Knowing your carrying route, see how much space you are operating so you know if you will be able to go through it with a piano. You might need to protect some angles in the room or the floor.

If the professionals will move your piano, they will probably do all the assessment, and they will know what to do if you need to move the piano down the stairs.