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What Box to Open First in New Location – Packing Guide
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What Box to Open First in New Location – Packing Guide

It’s lovely to think about your mornings over coffee or tea in your new place, right? Well, what you might not think about is the amount of work it will take for you to make your new home look presentable and cozy – and there is going to be A LOT to do. Yes, currently you are thinking about what to pack first and what last, but after you relocate and your Dallas movers load all the items in your new home, you will think in the reverse order.

If you know what to unpack first in your new home, you will have a system that will help you unpack with ease. Let’s see how to do it.

What to Unpack First in Kitchen

Sure, you can order some delivery first thing when you move in, but that might save you only the first night. However, if you prepare an “essential” box with kitchen supplies, moving in will get even easier. In the box you will unpack first you can put some utensils, dishwashing set, clean kitchen rag, and some non-perishable food like pasta, canned goodies, etc., and you will be all set.

What to Unpack First in Bathroom

The first things you need in your bathroom will be the typical hygiene products like shower gel and shampoo, toothbrushes and toothpaste, some towels, and toilet paper. Also, if you are a contact lenses or medications user, you will need a contact solution and your medicine right on hand.

Bedroom Essentials

Your essentials’ box should definitely contain clean linen which you can immediately put on your bed in the new bedroom so you can get good rest after a hard day. Towels and pajamas are a must, too.

Essential Extras

These are not necessarily extras, but also crucial items to be able to access easily. Things like chargers, extension cords, some basic tools, scissors, cash, and important documents should be easily accessed as soon as you’ve moved in.

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