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What to Pack First & What to Pack Last
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What to Pack First & What to Pack Last

The time has come for you to prepare before relocation. You’ve found reliable Dallas movers to help you with loading, unloading, and transport, you’ve set the date, and now it’s time to start packing. But, it seems more complicated than you initially thought. Also, are packing materials expensive? What should you pack first, and what later? Here is how to create order in your packing process and make it go smoothly.

Items to Pack First

Whatever you are not going to use in the months before relocating locally or long distance, you can pack first. Those items include:

Clothes out of season

In the summertime, you certainly won’t need winter jackets and boots, and vice versa. Clothes and shoes that are out of season can get into the boxes.

Duplicates, backups

Sometimes, we have two of the same thing. When you’re having duplicates and backup products of something, it can be packed immediately.

Photo albums, books, etc.

If you have a big house library, you can start by immediately packing some books you probably won’t need. The same goes with photo albums – they are precious, but you can pack them first.

Fine china

When you are relocating, you probably won’t organize any festivities when you will need your expensive china. Pack them carefully and label them as fragile.

First aid supplies / go-to bag

It would be smart to put aside some medications, toiletries, clothes, and bedsheets in a box or bag which you will open first after you move into your new home. Whatever you know you will need before you start massive unpacking, you can put it there.

Items to Pack Last

The items you will pack in the days before the relocation will be those you will use daily until you have to relocate – basic dishes, day-to-day clothes, and toiletries, gadgets, and electronics you have to use (for example, your laptop if you work at home), etc. As the moving day approaches, you can pack more and more items until you are left only with the essentials. Good luck with the relocation!

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