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First Time Moving – Prep & Pack Guide
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First Time Moving – Prep & Pack Guide

Relocation is a tricky business either local or long distance move – you know you have to start somewhere, but what should you do first? You might have a tough time organizing and packing properly, especially if you are new and doing it for the first time. But, don’t let the situation overwhelm you. You can do this, and with some useful pieces of advice (and a reliable team of Dallas movers), you will be done in no time.

Are you relocating for the first time? Let’s go over some tips which can help you organize and move your home smoothly.

Why You Should Declutter

Decluttering is an easy trick to help you elevate your relocation and make the unpacking and settling process much more pleasant. Here are some reasons why it’s essential to declutter:

  • Minimizes relocation cost – the more items you get rid of, the less you will pay, especially if you are relocating long-distance.
  • Maximizes space in a new home – when you lose excess clothes, furniture, and all the other items you hoarded throughout the years, you will see how lovely it is to live in a new home with more space.
  • It will help you relieve stress – the mere fact of decluttering and purging the stuff you don’t need will help you move into the new home stress-free.

Book Movers in Advance

If there is any useful tip while relocating, this is surely the one. Relocation experts will guide you through the move and provide top-quality assistance on a moving day. That’s why booking a moving team in advance is of the essence. So, what do you get if you do it sooner than later?

  • More choice – the earlier you start getting moving quotes and searching for the best option, the more good options you’ll come across, with less stress and hurry.
  • Cost-effective option – When you start searching for moving companies on time, you will increase your chances of getting an affordable option that suits you.
  • You can set the better timing – if you start early, you’ll be able to set the date that’s the most convenient for you.

Budget Packing – No Problem

Is it possible to pack successfully on a budget? Certainly, it is. Fear not – you don’t have to spend a lot of money to pack up your belongings. Here are some tricks and tips on how to budget pack:

  • Use your belongings as containers – yes, anything can be a container. If you can’t spend money on various boxes, make use of your suitcases, pots for packing some dishes, or even keep some drawers full if you can easily transport those furniture items to the moving truck.
  • Towels as packing materials? – Yes, they can be it. Use blankets, towels, old magazines, etc. to DIY the packing materials.

Disassembling Furniture – Piece of Cake

How to disassemble furniture for a move? You are not the first to ask this question. Here are some tips to get one of the trickiest parts of relocation out of the way:

  • Have the right tools – you won’t be able to disassemble your closets, huge bed, etc. without the proper tools like hammers, a wrench, etc.
  • Should you disassemble everything? – This is a million-dollar question. If you disassemble some items, you will do more damage and good. Be mindful.
  • Schedule it – see which pieces of furniture you can disassemble sooner, and which you will take apart right before moving.

Need to Move in Peak Season?

Summertime and the livin’ is easy – are you sure? Maybe not when it comes to relocating. Even though it’s not the most ideal scenario, relocating in peak season doesn’t have to be a nightmare. Here’s what to do:

  • Find Dallas movers as quickly as possible – the sooner you get to searching, the better.
  • Avoid the end of the week or month – try to schedule the beginning or the middle of a month or the week for the best pricing.
  • Relocate without kids – try to find someone to take care of your kids on the day of the relocation. It will help a lot and be easier for them and you.

Prevent Stressful Situations during Move

Stress sometimes cannot be avoided, especially while you are relocating. However, you can manage or even completely prevent situations that will cause you relocation stress. Let’s see how to prevent moving disasters.

  • Hire professional movers – you will get rid of a lot of stress and potential issues if you hire pros.
  • Start packing ASAP – the earlier you start, the easier you will handle all the other aspects and handle everyday life and work.
  • Be mindful of the weather – Try to avoid scorching heat or blizzards if possible.

With some good advice, relocating can be easier than you thought. Move with ease and step into a new chapter with a smile on your face. Good luck!

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