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How to Pack Books for Moving
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How to Pack Books for Moving

An enthusiastic reader suffers a true anxiety of leaving behind his beloved books collection while moving. Along with that, struggling with moving your books is a careful task that might seem usual but it definitely demands an ultra-careful packing routine.

Book lovers genuinely don’t anticipate damages while moving their hefty and large book collection. However, packing books can preemptively go smooth and unspoiled if appropriate packing methods are involved.

Head on to the scrupulous guide shared down below in order to cherish your sought after book collection during transit.

Instructions to Pack Books For Moving

While moving your books over a long distance surely requires several safety measures to verify undamaged, well-maintained books. Here are a few steps that determine assurance of safe books transition.

●     Sort-Out Your Collection

Thinning out your book collection is advantageous before you move. Moving serves as the right time for getting rid of old books, the ones that are no longer in use, or maybe the unlikely-to-read ones are also on the list.

Packing thousands and hundreds of books requires a considerable amount of time and effort. Also, if you are moving with long distance movers be aware of the fact that moving costs vary according to the freight.

Be sure to minimize your clutter; taking this as an opportunity to find a new home for your books. Donating your books to neighbours, friends or schools and libraries too are a wonderful option.

●     Choose Appropriate Packing Materials

When packing books, the basic task is to pick the right boxes and materials. Choosing the appropriate materials incur safety and protection of your bendable and prone-skinned books. Use your instincts and choose good quality packing materials such as boxes, bubble wrap sheets, tapes, acid free paper and paper envelopes.

To ensure safety, pick small sized sturdy boxes. As books are one of the heaviest weighted items, they are likely to get opened or torn, potentially harming you or your feet.  You can escape this inconvenience if you are moving with competent and best movers who provide a packing facility with free packing materials.

●     Prepare Your Moving Boxes

The fundamental step to initiate an effective packing process, verify that your boxes are nicely prepared. Line up the walls with bubble wrap sheets in order to exclude damages. Use waddled up paper or crushed paper balls to create a vacuum between the bottom and the books.

Prepare your boxes in accordance with the capacity they will hold, certainly, tape off the sides and inner sections of the box to ensure sturdiness.

●     Pack Hardcover Books Separately

Giving hardcover books a little extra protection is ideal when preparing them for a move. To prevent damage, start by wrapping each book individually in pressing paper or air pocket wrap.

After that, arrange them vertically inside a sturdy box. You must fill any empty spaces with pressing material to keep them in place. In this way, your valuable hardcover books will arrive at your new home safely and undamaged.

●     Wrap Paperbacks Accurately

One of the delicate book designs are paperbacks. They are likely to bend and ruin during transition. In order to protect their edges and ends, stack them up, starting off from the base up till the top flaps.

Be sure to stack them in a snugly manner so that there is no extra burden or collision between the arrangements whether in columns or in rows. You can also use paper envelopes to encapsulate the original or limited edition books.

●     Seal and Finish Off the Process

While moving towards the finish line, make sure to tape off the edges and flaps accurately. Overstuffing can lead to tear off of the boxes. Make sure to protect your books from falling off the casing by adding additional tape and seals along with the edges and flaps.

Be sure to secure the centre flaps as well as the bottom of the box. Though, long distance movers are capable of smooth shifting but do not overlook this step.

●     Label the Boxes

Once you are off to the last step, the boxes that beholds your reading collection must be labelled after “Books”. Label the boxes categorically as per their delicacy or sturdiness to guarantee that they are positioned safely. Proper labelling will help you to unbox at your new home quickly.


In conclusion, moving can be a stressful event for readers due to their bibliophilic nature. As it is daunting to pack tons of books while sorting them into categories. Make sure you implement the right method for packing your books to ensure their safety as well as other fragile items transitioning along.

Hand over this task to long distance movers who offer packing services to eliminate stress out of your move.