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The movers were super nice and very accommodating. The whole thing ran very effortlessly. The guys put the whole thing in the right rooms and even moved a set of tools and equipment in to the garage.

Long Distance Moving Services in Dallas

Get the best long-distance moving services in Dallas from our excellent team! Our affordable, professional services are all you need for a smooth move.

Ultimate Dallas Moving Experience

Our team of experienced and highly-trained movers is here to help you have a seamless long distance move without stress or hastiness. Moving services we offer are professional yet very affordable. Whether it’s your first moving experience or not, it will be easy and comfortable; we are to make sure about that. With the best relocating equipment, the most capable team, and best pricing deals, we are the best choice of moving company in Dallas.

Who Are We?

In Dallas, you can find many moving companies. But, what makes us special and differentiates us from the others? There are a few important points to point out:

We are the best moving team – When someone says they’re the best, it can be a very vague statement. We are here to offers proof why we are the ones to choose. Our team consists of our own movers (so, no contractors and no laborers for a day) who are very capable of handling your delicate items and transporting them safely. Their dedication to their work is something that makes them different from the others. You can always expect politeness and helpfulness. Also, the equipment we use is the best so we can guarantee ultimate safety and professionalism.

We are the most affordable – Long distance moving services are infamous for being quite expensive, which can be understandable, given the circumstances. However, we are the ones to offer you the best deals and most reasonable pricing to your liking. Check out our special deals and estimate your cost for free – you will see our pricing, along with the pro service – beats all the competition.

We are the ones to count on – When relocating across the state of Texas (or even further), Customer Service needs to be on point. That’s why you can always rely on us to answer any of your questions and help you through any stage of your moving process. You can always contact us to lose any doubts and get fully informed about all the aspects of the service you signed up for.

We have the best moving trucks – One of the most important aspects of a long-distance move is the means of transportation. If the relocation is done on the road, we are the ones with the best equipment out there. Our trucks are safe and specifically used for relocating furniture and other objects on the longer routes. Your belongings will be protected and safely transported to the desired destination!

Long-Distance Moves

Whether you found a new location across Texas or even beyond our beautiful state, you will need professional help to arrange relocation. Moving long distance is not an easy task – it’s far more challenging than the local move. The miles play an important role in planning and organizing the transition, and it shows in the receipt you get from your movers. That’s why, at STI, you can count on us to provide you with the best experience!

Long-distance move requires serious planning and organization. You need enough time, as well as the proper tools and equipment to carry out the preparations, as well as to finalize everything on the moving day. Hard work and perseverance is essential, and that’s what you will get from us! We can help you organize and prepare your relocation within each step, providing physical help, as well as the appropriate equipment to prepare all your belongings for safe transport.

Residential relocation/home relocation– Moving your entire household to a different part of the USA has to be a difficult task. However, with our help, it can be quite simplified and well-organized. We can offer you the best solutions and deals when it comes to transport but also packing and organizing. When you hire us, you hire a dedicated, efficient team to give you the smoothest move.

Corporate relocation – Businesses are delicate to move, and we know it best. Each business is special in its way and needs a particular preparation and organization of long-distance transport. Our movers have the much-needed experience, as well as the equipment, to prepare and transport the delicate items or machines you own. Whether those are a big musical instrument, special machines, electronics, or other items, we are the right people for the job. Guiding you through every step of the process and addressing your needs is what we do best.

Interested in an eco-friendly move? – Ordering the packing kits is one of the many options we use, but we also recommend trying out the reusable, plastic moving bins. They are safe, stackable, and great for relocating!
Contact Us–We are here to help you prepare before the day of the transport, as well as to guide you through the D-day. If you need extra help with the organization or if some aspects of our services aren’t entirely clear – we are here to clarify every aspect.

Need Help Packing? White Glove Moving

Packing can easily be one of the most time-consuming aspects of relocation. Disassembling and packing your whole house, business, or apartment into boxes sounds frustrating. However, you can have the easy way out – white glove service!
Sometimes, you can’t pack the belongings on your own. There can be many reasons for needing our special packing services, and we are here to deliver every time! Our pro team consists of people who will handle all your items with care – be it special electronics, delicate figurines, or dinner plates. We will take care of all the items and transport them safely. Unique items need special treatment, and we are here to provide you with the ultimate service every time. Enjoy the comfortable, worry-free move with our full service.

Insurance Coverage

The safety of transport is the ultimate concern. What will happen to your valuable items in the process, you might wonder? To ease your concerns, we offer basic insurance coverage. If you own some items the basic insurance is not enough to cover, additional insurance options are possible. For any inquiries about the additional insuring options, contact us – we are here to clarify every matter.

Get the best long-distance moving services in Dallas from our excellent team! Our affordable, professional services are all you need for a smooth move.

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