There is a good reason why people define relocation as pure chaos. And we can agree with that – during that limited period, everything in and around you and your house will be chaotic. The packing process, trying to complete all the tasks, your house while moving, and your stressed mind will be in chaos. Surely, packing contributes to the chaos the most. One of the best ways to make it structured is to label the boxes properly. Also, if you made it to labeling the boxes, give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back. You are done with the longest, most time-consuming task of relocation! Now it’s almost time for your movers to relocate you.

What are the best ways to label your boxes so they can get sorted and relocated properly? Here are some ways to make labeling easy and smart.

Labeling by Colors

As we are mostly visual beings that work well with colors, this would be the easiest labeling system. How would it work? Simply, use one color for one room and color-code all the boxes from that room with that color. For example, blue for the bathroom, green for the kitchen, etc. Colors can also make you have fun while relocating because they are vibrant and can boost your mood.

Labeling by Numbers

For those who don’t want to deal with colors, we have a numbering system in mind. Assign a number for each room and label your boxes by numbers. To keep track of which number belongs to which room, create an inventory paper or save the numbering system in your smartphone notes.

Label Fragile Items

No matter which labeling system you prefer, you have to point out which boxes contain fragile belongings. When you label those (or any boxes), make the labeling visible enough so there won’t be any confusion. Good luck and have fun bringing this moving process to the end!