The moving process is usually filled with so many tasks that it might seem overwhelming – so much so that you might forget about some tasks altogether. When you care about decluttering, how to stay safe while relocating, etc., some things might get lost in the way. We can bet that many of you didn’t think about wasting food while relocating.

How to relocate and not waste food in the process? Here are some organizational hacks and tips to relocate without wasting your food.

Include Food on Your To-do List

Many things will go through your mind, such as hiring professional movers, checking moving quotes, packing room by room, or even engaging your children in the relocation. But, when you are making a relocating to-do list, do not forget to include the food. Make it as important as everything else on the list.

Inspect your Fridge and Pantry

How long has it been since you’ve checked your refrigerator, freezer, and the whole pantry? Since you will do the purging before you start packing your other belongings, the food section deserves a good purge, too. We bet there is a lot to throw away and clean up from the get-go. Go through everything and immediately get rid of the things you know you won’t relocate.

Use up Your Perishable Food

As you are gradually packing and getting closer to the moving day, you can successfully plan your meals and make the most of all the food that you have. It won’t only create less waste, but you will save your money, too.

Give Away or Donate

If you know you won’t be able to eat or relocate everything, there must be people who could use some food. Offer your friends or neighbors, or donate to the ones in need.