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5 Reasons to move to Lakewood
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5 Reasons to move to Lakewood – Guide by STI Movers

Close to Northeast of Downtown Dallas, Lakewood is a quaint neighborhood that provides a special fusion of big city conveniences and small town charm. Families, young professionals and anyone else seeking a leisurely yet energetic lifestyle are drawn to Lakewood because of its rich history, beautiful parks and strong sense of community.

The allure of Lakewood is clearly visible, regardless of whether you are a native Texan or are moving here from a distance. To help you make a wiser decision of relocating there, STI Movers have bought you five compelling reasons to make the move to this Dallas gem.


5 Reasons to Move to Lakewood:


●     Immerse Yourself in Lakewood’s Vibrant Art and Culture

Residents and visitors are captivated by the rich tapestry of art and culture that the Lakewood neighborhood has to offer. The old Lakewood Theater, which is now Bowlski’s bowling alley, offers a blend of contemporary fun and nostalgia.

Thanks to its original architectural appeal. Located on the Northeastern edge of White Rock Lake, the Bath House Cultural Center is a center for the visual and performing arts. It presents a variety of events and festivals all year long.

Moreover, through a variety of kid-focused initiatives, such as summer camp for aspiring artists, it promotes young talent. The lovely Deep Ellum district is only a short drive away that offers top-notch entertainment and live music. All these things make Lakewood a perfect destination for art and culture enthusiasts to explore.


●     Enjoy a Perfect Climate All Year Round:

Lakewood, Dallas is the perfect place to move because of its warm, humid climate. The region’s numerous outdoor activities are best enjoyed during the summers. Winters are a welcome break from summer heat because they are typically mild and cool, rarely dropping below 50°F.

This region has almost 36 inches of precipitation on average per year, most of it falling in the spring and summer, which helps to maintain the area’s vibrant flora and lush vegetation.

Residents can take advantage of Lakewood’s parks, golf courses and other outdoor amenities nearly all year round. Thanks to the area’s approximately 240 days of sunshine annually, which enhances the area’s appeal as a great place to live.


●     Explore Scenic Parks and Majestic Mountains

Just picture yourself waking up to the beauty of nature every morning with picturesque parks and majestic mountains right at your doorstep. Lakewood in Dallas provides exactly that. You can go on hikes, bike rides and picnics with a view from your favorite parks and nature reserve in the area.


This may include the breathtaking White Rock Lake and the picturesque Lakewood trail etc. Lakewood’s natural beauty is sure to inspire and rejuvenate you, regardless of your interest in outdoor activities or your desire for a tranquil gateway from the city.


●     Discover Stunning and Beautiful Homes

With a wide variety of homes to suit different tastes, budgets and styles, Lakewood has an impressive selection. From contemporary apartments to storied mansions with classic charm, you’ll discover an ideal place to call home.


Take advantage of large living spaces, exquisitely designed gardens and amazing neighborhood parks. Lakewood offers gorgeous homes that offer the ideal balance of luxury, convenience and comfort, making them ideal for young professionals, growing families and empty nesters alike.


●     Benefit from Exceptional Educational Opportunities

Lakewood is well-known for its top-notch educational institutions which offers exceptional education to students that positions them for success. There are a large number of accredited schools and universities in Lakewood that provide a variety of academic programs, extracurricular activities and research opportunities.

With an emphasis on education, Lakewood gives students the abilities, know-how and self-assurance they need, to prosper in a world that is constantly changing.


Make Your Move Stress-free  By Hiring Reputable Lakewood Movers

Relocating to a new place can be difficult, but you can have a stress-free moving experience if you work with reliable Lakewood movers. These skilled movers meet your specific needs with excellent services and are insured, licensed with great expertise.

Likewise, being one of the best movers in Lakewood, STI Movers Dallas always exceeds your expectations. With meticulous planning and attention to detail, we take care of your move.

From carefully packing your possessions to moving them in a safe and effective manner, everything is handled by us efficiently. You can enjoy your smooth transition in Lakewood by leaving your worries to us!



To conclude, for those looking for a better quality of life, Lakewood is a great location. It offers a perfect balance of convenience, comfort and community with its breathtakingly beautiful homes, quality education and stress-free moving process.

You can take advantage of the top-rated movers in Lakewood to handle your move professionally. Experience a truly exceptional lifestyle by relocating to Lakewood, Dallas right away!

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