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Understanding Moving Quotes and Estimates

Understanding Moving Quotes and Estimates 2024

Peter with his wife and 4 kids lived in the suburban area of Austin, Texas. He planned to move to Dallas to seek new opportunities to provide quality life to his family. They contacted a moving company who helped them with their move. Unfortunately, on the final day after moving all the belongings, the company handed over a bill with surprise costs. 


Peter was so disappointed as he belonged to the middle-income strata of society. Unlike Peter, if you want to have a reasonable move then hire professional movers in Dallas. In this article, we will understand moving quotes and estimates, so you may avoid the issue faced by Peter and his family. 


Understanding Moving Quotes and Estimates

The moving estimate is the total cost of the moving process. Let’s understand the moving cost and its different factors. 


Types of Moving Quotes

There are 3 main types of moving quotes.


  • Binding Quotes: Binding quotes are the safest option for you to obtain from a moving company. In this, you pay the quoted price and do not have to pay extra costs in case of any obstacle that causes a cost increase. 
  • Non-Binding Quotes: It is the most challenging estimate you get from the movers. It means you might be paying an unexpected price during moving instead of the determined one. 
  • Binding-Not-To-Exceed Moving Quote: This is the best option to get a moving quote. You decide on an upfront cost analyzing the estimated weight of possessions but if the weight ends up being lower than analyzed, you pay less price. 


Factors of Moving Quotes 

There are multiple factors on which the company bases its moving quotes. 


  • Type of moving ( local, long-distancel) 
  • Size and weight of moving stuff
  • Labor and required storage
  • Distance of pick-up location from the destination
  • Packing and loading assistance services
  • Process of property access
  • Moving insurance in case of damage 


How to Get the Best Moving Quotes? 

There are many reputable moving companies in the market. So you have to choose the most trustworthy and affordable moving by following our tips.


  • Start Early 

You need to start early if you want to get budget-friendly estimates of moving. It is recommended to begin the research 8 weeks before the final moving day. It will help you to make a well-informed decision by evaluating every aspect. 


  • Be Flexible 

Off-peak season moving ( April through October) gives the advantage of low rates. Save your pocket while preferring the 2nd or 3rd week of the month. You can hire a moving company providing flexible storage options to help you in the whole process. 

  • Prefer Big 

You can see a lot of moving companies offering different services. Must prefer a big company having more resources and technology to make your relocation a breeze. The national movers have strict training requirements with certification and assist you by sending expert staff. 

  • Compare Companies

To obtain a service suitable to your budget and needs, you must compare moving quotes from different companies. It will ensure you get the best price. Ask the companies to itemize all the expenses, so you will be able to compare different quotes. 

  • Ask Questions

It is necessary to avoid any surprise costs at the time of payment. You should ask some questions in this regard. Ask the company if will they add an extra fee? do they handle all items, and what will be the duration of the move. 




What is the difference between a quote and an estimate?

A quote is the determined/fixed moving price while an estimate is the approximate price that can be increased or decreased. 


What is a moving quote?

It is the estimate outlining the expected cost of moving from the moving company. 


What is more accurate moving quotes online or in-person? 

In-person quotes are considered more accurate than online. 


How do you estimate a quote?

The company estimates a quote by understanding what are the requirements of customers and the factors that influence pricing. 


How much does a moving company cost? 

There are different types: long-distance moving quotes, local moving quotes, and so on. However, the average cost to hire a national company is around $1400. 



In a nutshell, moving is an adventurous experience whether it is an office move or a home. Getting a moving quote is a good process for planning a budget-friendly move. In the above article, we have discussed the best moving quotes and estimates. You can hire an affordable moving company in Dallas to get the best-priced quotes. 

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