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How Much do Movers Cost in Dallas for Local and Long Distance Moves

Relocating to a new area of Dallas? As you prepare to soak up the city’s charm and warm hospitality, one crucial question weighs on your mind: how much will it cost to get your belongings there?

Every relocation in Dallas is a unique adventure but the key to a stress-free relocation lies in understanding the costs of local and long-distance moves. Don’t let the excitement of exploring Dallas fool you.

By reading this guide, get ready to uncover the truth about Dallas moving expenses and turn your relocation into a financial triumph.

Local Moving Costs in Dallas:

Local move in Dallas, (usually less than 50 miles). Local movers in Dallas often charge between $300 and $1,500. This covers following expenses:


  • Hourly movers’ prices
  • Fees for fuel
  • Charges for stairs, and heavy objects
  • Packing services and materials


For example, moving a small apartment could cost roughly $400, whereas moving a larger property could cost up to $1,200.

Long-distance Moving Costs in Dallas:

A long-distance move from Dallas, (often more than 50 miles), can cost $1,000 to $5,000 or more. Many long-distance movers in Dallas charge different rates depending on following:

  • More expenditure
  • Distance-based price
  • Shipment weight or volume
  • Additional services
  • Particular considerations for moving pets or cars

For example, moving a two-bedroom home 500 miles could cost around $3,000. Research well and request quotes from different cross-country moving companies in Dallas to make your decision wisely.

Factors Which Influence Cost in Local and Long-distance Moving

●     Hourly Charges

The cost of a move in Dallas is usually based on the hourly charges set by moving companies. For local moves, these charges can differ based on day of the week, hour of the day, and the particular mover involved.

While moving, companies usually charge more during peak hours and weekends. These hourly rates include the packing, loading, delivering, unloading, and unpacking work. Hence, the total moving time determines the final cost.

●     Number of Skilled Men

Another important cost factor for the relocation is the amount of trained movers needed. The labour charges go up largely with additional workers employed on complex or big moves.

In Dallas, the charges usually depend on the number of skilled men employed in packing fragile stuff or moving bulky goods around. More qualified personnel take less time to move people’s property safely however, it comes with extra costs in terms of payment to be made by the owner.

●     Size of Relocation

When it comes to moves in Dallas, the overall cost of a move is always affected by a number of factors like room numbers as well as volume of goods moved. For example having a bigger house with so many things means that it will require much time and resources for it to be moved hence making the costs higher.

Make a detailed budget and ask for estimates from reputable movers in Dallas to make your local and long-distance move budget-friendly. This will give you a complete know-how about everything without compromising on the quality.

●     Any Additional Services

Extra services that could be offered such as packaging, un-packaging, storage for some time, special arrangement of fragile or expensive stuff will definitely result in increased price of moving. These facilities seek to give comfort and safety of your belongings though they may require additional charges.

It’s worth noting that in Dallas there are numerous moving companies with tailor-made packages which can suit different kinds of demands or financial capabilities. You can simply go for the services which are affordable and suit you best.

●     Distance of Move

Major element affecting prices for moving services is the distance of the move, whether in town or out of town. This element affects both local and long-distance moving in Dallas. When moving over hundreds of miles, expenses mostly depend on the petrol consumed while travelling during such distance.

Besides, it could be more expensive to move from Dallas to another city or state than moving within the same metropolitan area due to increased expenses and time spent on travel.

●     Type of Service Opted

The cost of relocation is significantly influenced by your choice of the kind of moving services you want. While self-service options or less number of selected services lead to lower prices, full-service relocations cost much more.

If you’re moving from one place to another within Dallas city, then it will be favourable for you if there is a full-service moving company handling everything at reasonable pricing.

●     Weight and Volume of Belongings

When moving over long distances, costs are affected by several main factors, which majorly include the weight and volume of goods. You will need to use more strength and resources when loading heavy or more bulky items. In Dallas, movers may employ more costs to estimate the charges depending on the quantity and weight of your belongings.

●     Timing and Peak Seasons

The timing of the relocation you choose can have a great impact on your cost. During peak periods like summer months, weekends, end-of-month rushes, this is an increase in costs.

Moving at such times may attract higher charges because there are many people interested in these services. Moving in Dallas at off-peak times such as mid-week or winter season leads to considerable savings. This would help you get favourable terms for payment by making reservations early enough.


In conclusion, the costs of local and long-distance move do vary depending on various factors. This detailed guide has listed down all possible factors which may influence moving costs. If you are willing to relocate, read each and every detail and hire professional movers in Dallas for a seamless move out there. Have fun!


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