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How to Make Sense of Your Moving Cost Estimate
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How to Make Sense of Your Moving Cost Estimate

When you are planning a move and searching for the right Dallas movers, you will surely receive a moving estimate. Estimates are the right way to figure out if the moving company is suitable for your needs. But, are you sure you understand the estimation? If you conduct research, you can come across useful information about moving like how to set up furniture or what things you should get rid of before a move. Now, you can also learn how to “read” a moving estimate.

You received your moving quote, but can you understand it? Here are some crucial points to pay attention to so you can read the quote well.

Shipment Weight

One of the crucial things is to know how much your shipment weighs. That’s why you should know the difference between the bound weight (estimated weight based on the walk-through) and the actual weight on a moving day.

Dates Crucial for Your Move

The dates you should look for are the load, delivery, and pack date. The load date is the one when the movers arrive to load everything into the moving truck, and the delivery date is the date when your items arrive at the new address. The pack date is only for those interested in packing services, and it’s the date when the professional packers arrive to get the job done.


In the “language” of movers, this is another term for moving insurance. You can have basic or added (or full) insurance coverage.

Check Terms and Conditions

Whenever you receive a moving estimate, you should carefully read its terms and conditions. On the last page, you can usually find an explanation of the terms and conditions. Good luck with the relocation!

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