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How to Set Up Furniture While Moving In
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How to Set Up Furniture While Moving In

The relocating process is a long one, and we can get immersed in all parts of it. There is a lot to do – packing, organizing, executing. Having fun while relocating is possible, too, when we are well-organized and motivated. But, does anyone think about the process of moving in? Everything we took apart and transported we will have to re-assemble.

Setting up furniture after local move or across country relocation might seem tedious but the final result is worth it. Let’s check some tips together.

Start Room by Room

When you packed and prepared before the moving team arrived and transported all your belongings to the new home, you were packing the items room-by-room. We recommend the same process, only the other way around. When you arrive, assign the purpose to each room. Which one is the living room, home office, or bedroom? Once you sort that out, it’s easier to think about the furniture placement.

Where to Point Your Furniture in a Room?

In every room, we usually have some points to orient toward, like windows, a fireplace, or a TV, depending on what room it is and what you’re into. Then, place your furniture based on the points you agree on.

Set up Large Furniture

When you focus on the big pieces and set them up first, handling the smaller pieces and details will be easier. After that, you will be able to decorate and adjust the pieces to the new space. Go for balance and coherence. Now is your time to make the rooms look like you want them. Use your time and play with the setup. We hope your moving-in process will be as joyful and playful as it gets.

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