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Questions To Ask (Yourself) When Planning Relocation
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Questions To Ask (Yourself) When Planning Relocation

Organizing a move can sometimes look like setting up a complicated puzzle, as it consists of many important parts. A planning process can, however, be simplified if you know how to make it easier for yourself.

You can plan a smooth relocation locally or long distance move by asking yourself the right questions on the way. Here are the most important ones.

How early should I plan the relocation?

As soon as you decide to relocate, you should ask yourself this question. If you can give yourself at least a month in advance for any move (especially for a long-distance one), you will get a head start.

Should I DIY the move or hire professionals?

This question is one of the most challenging for most people as it raises questions of practicality, moving cost, and the overall necessity of moving companies. Do you want to hire professional, reliable movers or save up your money and rely on yourself (and some family or friends)? Weigh in your pros and cons, and choose wisely.

How much does a move cost?

The cost of relocation is one of the crucial points for many of us. That’s why you should determine your budget and your daily expenses to calculate the overall relocation cost.

What items do movers not move?

If you decide to hire relocation experts, you have to know their non-allowables in the moving truck. Those are things like plants, hazardous materials and chemicals, guns, and probably pets.

Should I and how much do I tip the movers?

Giving a tip to the moving pros is a nice gesture for their hard work. The maximum tip would be up to 20% if you are relocating inside Dallas, and if you are moving long-distance, around 7% maximum.

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