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Disassembling Furniture – What to Know
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Disassembling Furniture – What to Know

Your furniture can come in many shapes and sizes, and disassembling it can be quite a hassle, if not one of the hardest parts of your relocation. However, when you get your furniture ready for transport, you will get the toughest part of the relocation done.

Taking apart big furniture and getting it ready for relocation can be quite a task, right? But, there are ways to do it smoothly and easily. Here is how.

Get the Right Tools & Items

Before tackling the big furniture like a master bed or huge wardrobe, it should be your priority to get all the tools you need. The basics are screwdrivers, a hammer, a wrench,  and even some Ziploc bags (to take care of all the nails you will have lying around).

Know which “Battles to Fight”

Take a closer look at all your furniture. Do you think you should (and could) disassemble all of that? Sometimes, trying to do something on your own results in a worse outcome than you wanted. That’s why it’s necessary to know when you need professional movers to intervene either for local or across country move. If you have some tricky items to handle, consider getting pro help – it can pay off. Book movers in advance and make your lives easier with pro help.

Measure & Make a Disassembling Plan

Not all the furniture needs to be taken apart before the relocation. Assess all the pieces and see which ones need disassembling. After that, make a priority list. What needs to go first? Also, while disassembling, make sure you are safe and have someone to help you (some of the pieces can be tricky to handle and heavy), and prepare bags for small pieces, such as screws, knobs, etc.

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