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How To Relocate in Summer & Avoid Heat Stroke
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How To Relocate in Summer & Avoid Heat Stroke

Ah, the joy. Instead of basking in the glory of an exotic island and sipping on a cocktail while listening to the sound of waves, you will be carrying the boxes around with a couple of pro movers in scorching weather. We know, you are mostly concerned about your belongings and how high the relocation cost will be. However, at the peak of the summer season, what you should worry about is not getting a heat stroke during the moving day and all that physical activity. The moving day is approaching, but so are the high summer temperatures. Here is how to move safely and preserve your health.

Be an Early Bird

Summers in Texas can be quite a challenge even when you aren’t doing much, let alone when you need to relocate your home. Since relocating in the afternoon is the worst possible option, try to avoid it and do most of the moving before noon. The earlier you start, the better.

Water, Water, Water

Hydrating yourself – and, of course, giving water to your movers – will be one of the essential things during that day. Since all of you will be sweating quite a bit, drinking water will be necessary so everyone stays hydrated.

Apply SPF

Sunburns are real, and so is skin cancer. When you are outside, doing physical work, it’s easy to get sunburned as well as overheat. Protect your skin with SPF 30 minimum and reapply the sunscreen every two hours.

Wear Appropriate Clothes

You will be the most thankful for the breathable fabric and non-synthetic materials, as well as lighter colors. It’s not the smartest thing to carry boxes around in black clothes in 95 degrees of a sunny day.

Listen to Your Body

If you or any other person taking part in your moving day experiences any symptoms of overheating – such as nausea, weakness, headache, high body temperature, or urge to faint – the person should stop working immediately, go rest in a cool area, and drink some cool water.

Stay safe and move responsibly!