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Downsizing While Relocating – Useful Tips
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Downsizing While Relocating – Useful Tips

It doesn’t matter whether or not you are moving in peak season or in spring, to a bigger or smaller home – it is always smart to downsize. Relocation locally or intrastate is a great chance for you to go over all your belongings and see what you truly need. The truth is that most of us, if not all of us, own things we don’t want or need, but can’t find the time or way to get rid of them. Downsizing will make your relocation simpler and lighter, and provide you enough space in your new home. Here are some tips to get rid of excess stuff.

Make Inventory by Rooms

The earlier you start checking all your belongings, the better. Also, don’t scare yourself – when you divide the tasks room by room, the amount of work won’t be as daunting. Bite-sized tasks are always a better option than shoving more work into one day. Even if you have to finish everything in a couple of days, start by sectioning it off.

Keep, Donate, or Throw Away?

When you’re going through your things, sort them into three piles – items to get recycle or throw away, items to donate, and items to keep. If it seems like most items are ending up in the “keep” pile, create a “don’t know yet” pile. Some of these guidelines might come in handy: whatever you won’t use, don’t keep it; having two of the same item is usually unnecessary; if you can’t find the room for that item in your new home, it should go. Remember, your pro movers will charge for all your belongings.

Help Someone with Your Extras

Maybe you won’t care much about an extra cooking pan, a couch you don’t need, or so many toys your grown-up kids don’t even feel attached to, but to someone else, it can mean a lot. Never miss an opportunity to put a smile on someone else’s face by helping them out. Whether those are some neighbors or relatives you can help out or organizations you can donate to, don’t miss this chance to do so. You will feel happier and better knowing that, by your downsizing and relocation, you helped someone. Happy move!

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