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What Moving Companies Will and Won’t Do
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What Moving Companies Will and Won’t Do?

Finding a reputable Dallas moving company can be tricky business, yet very rewarding once you’re done with it. Even though you might think you can DIY a relocation, relocation experts are or immense help. However, it’s good to be familiar with what the movers can do for you, and what not to expect from them. Let’s check it out together.

What Movers Will Do

Loading and unloading

When you hire professional movers, one of the things they do best is carrying around your valuables, making sure nothing gets damaged.

Packing and unpacking

While many of us pack our goods on our own and search for different tips to pack rooms in house or office, pro packing services are available, too.

Disassembling and reassembling

If they will handle some pieces of furniture easier when taken apart, your movers will disassemble, and reassemble them in your new location.

Get rid of trash

As professionals should do, the relocation team will throw away all the excess packing material or empty boxes and pieces of cardboard that belong in the trash.

What Movers Won’t Move

Hazardous materials or firework

Anything that can be potentially harmful you will have to discard or relocate yourself.

Food (depending on move type)

If you are relocating locally, some moving companies will probably relocate some foods, as the transport time is quite short. On the other hand, in the case of long-distance moves, food transport mostly won’t be an option.


As animals are living beings with particular needs and feelings, relocation experts won’t take the responsibility of relocating them in their moving trucks.


Relocating plants can be difficult and messy, and you should consider either giving them away or transporting them yourself, depending on how far you are relocating.

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