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Moving Houses with a Toddler
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Moving Houses with a Toddler

Moving is hard, even for adults. Small children who never moved will find the move a peculiar experience, as everything in their environment will change – the sights, smells, sounds. Moreover, a toddler running around the house during the packing process can be dangerous – they can swallow small objects, fall down from obstacles, etc. This is why you need a packing and moving plan to keep you and your small child happy and safe during your house move.

Talk and explain the process

Toddlers are not newborn babies, they are between 1-3 years and they understand way more than adults give them credit for. Talk to them in a calm, happy and excited manner, and tell them about their new room and all the good things about the move. Kids pick up on what adults think and feel, and whatever you will project – that’s what they are going to feel.

Ask for help

As previously mentioned, packing and moving with a toddler can be not only stressful, but dangerous. Ask your family and friends to come over and help you out – watching the kid or packing so you could watch the toddler. Make sure it is someone your kid knows beforehand, as to not add any stress to process.
Hiring professional movers and packers will take all the stress away from packing, moving, and unpacking – all you will have to do is show up and open the door.

Ask your toddler for help

Give them a box to put their favorite toys and stuffed animals in.  Do this last, to make the kid feel like nothing has changed until the very last minute, and even that is temporary. Keep their box of favorite toys with you in your car, not in the moving truck.

Visit the new home together

Show your toddler its new room and where their new bed will be. Take a walk around the neighborhood and play a little in the new playground.

Enjoy your new house and move with your lovely family!

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