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Cleaning vs. Disinfecting during Relocation
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Cleaning vs. Disinfecting during Relocation

The outbreak of COVID-19 through all our states and the rest of the world has disrupted our lives in more ways than one. Still, life goes on and we need to follow through with our plans. If you cannot (or must not) postpone your relocation during the pandemic, you need to be very mindful of some things, regardless of relocating your home, office, moving long-distance, or locally. When relocating, you have to prepare the space where you need to move in (as well as one from where you move out) by cleaning. But, what are the main differences between cleaning and disinfecting?


Before moving into a new space, cleaning is essential. Generally, cleaning means removing germs and dust from all the surfaces – furniture, windows, even the walls, and floors. It can be done rather easily and simply, depending on the surfaces and the size of the place. Deep cleaning is needed if there are some persistent stains that need removal.


Aside from general cleaning which is necessary, disinfecting is a category particularly important for us in the pandemic. According to the CDC, we can spread the coronavirus within 6 feet distance from others, through respiratory droplets. Also, they recommend thorough disinfection of the surfaces that are potentially contaminated. That’s how we minimize the option of spreading the virus. Disinfecting is generally needed in the kitchen and bathroom, but with the pandemic, we need to disinfect all the surfaces for our sake, but also because of the moving company team who will assist us.

Have a sanitized environment

After general cleaning (removing the dust and grime), make sure to sanitize all the frequently-touched surfaces – windows, furniture, or doorknobs, for example. Be well-prepared by providing enough hand sanitizer for both you and the relocation team. Finally, it is essential to hire a reliable moving team during a pandemic. Choose them wisely and make sure to protect your family and the people who will give you a hand.

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